FILL SHIFTS NOW. SaVE everything.
 Here's How Using StaffingCall Can Fix Your #1 Staffing Problem in Minutes
Sick calls and no-shows?  Stop wasting valuable time and money scrambling to fill short-shifts. Within seconds, reach out to ALL off-duty staff for the skill-set you need, WHEN needed, to fill a vacant shift.  We'll set you up for free! And after a month, share your experience on how YOU won, because you will, and then, let's make it even better!
Apple, Android, Web
All platforms. Reach out to all off-duty staff instantly, reduce overtime spending, and save big on budgets.
Simple Menus
Send staffing requests in seconds. Enable all staff to interact instantly.
Staff Availability
Staff set their availability for notifications. Everyone's privacy is respected. They love this.


Here's How StaffingCall Will Enable You to Fill Shifts with Ease

lifehacker staffing
Create an instant staffing-request by opening the main menu.

All staff are immediately notified and able to respond to the shift offer at hand.
lifehacker staffing app
lifehacker staffing app
Your off-duty staff review the shift offer then respond as desired. Staff and unions see that all processes are in place to provide members the best opportunity to receive the shift offer. Bias-effect, gone.

lifehacker staffing
As a supervisor or call centre, offer the shift to the staff member for your needs.

Use our custom, unique algorithm as necessary to ensure the shift goes to the appropriate staff. Fair and equal. Everyone wins. Shift filled.
lifehacker staffing app

Keep it simple. Never waste time again with outdated processes. You win.

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