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After working on the front-lines in a level one trauma centre for twenty years, our founders witnessed first-hand the need for a tool to address unforeseen absenteeism events that affect all users in an unlimited fashion. 

Never knowing what was next on the agenda consistently posed a threat to an otherwise organized, and effective delivery of care model. Particularly, in intensive care units and emergency departments, our founders were well-exposed to the affects on all individuals in a staffing pinch. Patients, families, nurses, doctors and surgeons as well as specialty teams all were and continue to be "at risk" in providing effective care when it comes to having the staffing resources necessary at any time of day.

When it became obvious that a there needed to be a technology to provide maximum healthcare efficiency while enabling front-line teams to continue to deliver optimum care, StaffingCall was designed.

As a result of working in some of the most traumatic environments while also attempting to maintain peace-of-mind for care-givers, families, and patients, which ultimately is our job, we are proud to inform you that we didn't forget about all of the other industries who also experience the same issues with their staffing challenges.

What does this mean? Well, when designing our staffing call-out tool to reach all off-duty staff who may work a variety of shift rotations in a 24-hour period, we made sure to design StaffingCall to work for everyone! Hospitality, construction & trades, as well as mining, and all other forms of industry who consistently face the need to find off-duty staff who are willing to work at a moments notice.

So, after dealing with the unthinkable for the past twenty years in a level one trauma centre, there is nothing more enjoyable to us that to be able to have a phone call discussion to learn about the problems you face and learn more about how you approach them. In other words, hearing from you is a true blessing.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We hope to learn about you too!
"Having worked in various industries, there is an absolute need for teams to use StaffingCall to near eliminate wasted time searching to find off-duty staff to fill vacant shifts. Old methods of phone calling, mass texting, group texting and others are financially wasteful. I can show you how to save time and money with this product that works!"

Jordan Shackel - Clinical Operations & Client Care Specialist 

"I work with large institutions on a daily basis who are seeking to stream- line staffing related processes. While finding appropriate candidates to fill a vacant position is always a need, retaining those employees after the hiring and training process is paramount to reducing HR-related costs. Interestingly enough, using StaffingCall will strategically place your organization in substantially reducing these costs. I'd love to show you how!"

Nathan Ware, Managing Director

"Twenty years of the unthinkable and then having to endure even more at any moments notice was the deciding factor to make a tool to help the who needed it most. That is why StaffingCall was designed. Performance in the workplace with an instrument to weather any storm of ill-staffing. Enough is enough and this is why I designed a product that could work in any organization no matter what HR software was being used. StaffingCall is different than just HR. StaffingCall is ready to work for anyone tomorrow no matter what systems are currently being used. It's just too significant, especially with lives, to try and build a solution that has to work with every option organizations are using. We are separate for a good reason. We work for everyone."

Adam Balogh, President & Co-Founder

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