Frequently Asked Questions
Is StaffingCall a viable solution when unions are involved?
Yes. StaffingCall can be designed to work in any scenario where shifts need to be awarded in a select fashion.
Are staff able to create and edit their own profiles?
Yes and No. Staff are able to toggle on/off various notification features. Staff are 
able to edit their contact details such as email address and mobile number as well
as their profile image. Staff are not able to edit their designated skill sets or work 
locations. This needs to be done at the administrator level.
How soon can the system be in operation?
We can have up to 150 users built into your console for each 24-hour period. You'll
be able to begin using the system that soon and begin saving time and money
within days.
What does it cost to run StaffingCall?
StaffingCall pricing is dependent on the number of staff using the system. There 
is a small setup fee per location as we will be doing this on your behalf. Book 
a call with us to discuss pricing options. 
How does the Refer-A-Friend program work?
Sign-up for the StaffingCall service today at no cost and receive 3 months of service for FREE. Once you have signed up, for each additional group you refer who become active clients, you will receive an additional 3 months of FREE service for each group. You are entitled to refer up to three additional clients which will provide your group with 1 year of FREE service inclusive of your FREE 3 months you received for signing up. This service is non-transferrable. Notification features of the service will be limited to email and app-notification only. The text-notification feature is not available with the FREE service and can be activated through our paid-service option due to the varying nature text message alerts required for each location.  After one year of FREE service with StaffingCall, you may continue your service at a cost of $3/user/month or simply discontinue the service although we feel you're going to want to stick around.
Is there more?
More questions? Call or send us a message so we can figure out how we can send you  a coffee  to answer your questions over a casual break together. We've discovered that these are some of  the best conversations we continue to have! 

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