Welcome to StaffingCall. A first in IntellENGINE Console Systems that your team's can use to call-out to off-duty staff to fill vacant shifts. By using StaffingCall, you'll be positioned to save valuable time and effort eliminating the need of calling or messaging your own off-duty staff when needed to fill shifts at work.

Welcome to Acuity-Based-Staffing from the IntellENGINE Console System. We are uniquely positioned to significantly reduce budget-spending upwards of 320 million dollars on inefficient staffing models. 

In addition, to support healthcare teams during this pandemic, StaffingCall is free to ICU and ER departments abroad. Send an inquiry below as to how we can assist your front-line teams today.

Stop wasting time calling out to off duty staff to fill vacant shifts and instead enable supervisors to focus on priorities at hand. Let us show you how front-line staff can save your organisation significant time and money while reducing operational inefficiencies.
*OCTOBER 2020 UPDATE: We are thrilled to announce that in 2020, StaffingCall is soon to become a COVID-19 and beyond HOT-SPOT identifier. This will become a new era in institutional safety measures against virus outbreaks to protect the public as well as all individuals on site. 
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Proprietary Apple, Android & Web Console
How to reach out to all off-duty staff instantly, reduce overtime spending, and save on budgets.
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Simple Menus for Ease of Use
Send staffing requests with ease and enable staff to interact without complicated on-boarding and teaching headaches.
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Staff Availability on Demand
Staff set their availability so the only time they are notified is when they are actually available and not already working.

Rapid Onboarding
Have us setup your custom IntellENGINE Staffing System and in less than a couple of days, you'll be improving productivity.
With our IntellENGINE StaffingCall Console.. you can now acquire the specific skill-set you need on demand. With the rapid changes in workforce solutions occurring today, this is the time to prepare for the future. As we've seen with COVID-19, there are no guarantees who can work for your company on demand. So...in preparation... for perhaps a "COVID-21", now is the time to build a repository of staff that can be ready to work. Add your current staff, and your temps into our console and be prepared next week and simultaneously, be ready for 2021.
  • ​Wasting time trying to find employees to fill vacant shifts? Our service saves you time significant time and money.
  • ​Are staff fed-up with being disturbed when they aren’t interested in working or already at work? Not with us...Staff love the flexibility of our service!
  • ​Track staff performance and efficiency with our IntellENGINE Staffing System
  • ​Concerned about integration? The IntellENGINE Staffing Console is stand-alone and simple to use.
  • ​Huge crews or teams to reach out to with a complex variety of skill-sets? This is easy to accomplish and we build it for you. Once complete, we'll hand it over yet maintain if for you.
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Instant Connectivity to Enable All Teams...Managers, Supervisors & House Staff to Fill Vacant Shifts When Needed. Our Proprietary IntellENGINE Console is here!
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Staff Benefits
  • Benefit: reply to shift offers from anywhere
  • Benefit: no need to worry about missing an opportunity to earn an extra shift
  • Benefit: silent notification capability in noise-sensitive settings
  • Benefit: automated options to ensure staff are awarded shifts fairly and equally without bias
  • Benefit: confirmations of shift bookings immediately
  • Benefit: employees setup their own availability calendar within their private user access
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Management Benefits Beyond Traditional Approaches
  • Benefit: Ability to efficiently send out a staffing requests instantly from your mobile device saving valuable time and money.
  • Benefit: Instantly broadcast to employees with the skill-set you need without searching through lengthy lists and numbers to find them.
  • Benefit: Almost instant setup with done for you maintenance.
  • Benefit: Simple access for all staff ensuring your shift-broadcast is seen and accessible by all off-duty staff.
  • Benefit: Confirmations of shift bookings to your device the moment staff interact with the shift offer.
  • Benefit: Employees manage their own availability providing you more time to focus on other important tasks.
  • Benefit: Reduce staff turnover and burnout.
  • Benefit: Reduce staff injury and paid absences.
  • Benefit: Reduce adverse patient events and lengthier stays. Improve patient outcomes.
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