We're Changing Everything... Welcome to Acuity-Based Staffing! We are uniquely positioned to significantly reduce budgets spending upwards of 320 Million Dollars on inefficient staffing models.

Stop wasting time calling out to off duty staff to fill vacant shifts and instead enable supervisors to focus on priorities at hand. Let us show you how front-line staff can save your organisation significant time and money while reducing operational inefficiencies. 
*AUGUST 2020 UPDATE: We are thrilled to announce that in 2020, StaffingCall is soon to become a COVID-19 and beyond HOT-SPOT identifier. This will become a new era in institutional safety measures against virus outbreaks to protect the public as well as all individuals on site. 
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How to reach out to all off-duty staff instantly, reduce overtime spending, save BIG on budgets and more!
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Simple Menus
Fill vacant shifts with ease and enable staff to interact immediately without significant setup or updating on their end and more!
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Staff Availability
Staff determine when they can help out. Reduce burnout and turnover. We all know what that costs...and truly, there is more!

We'll setup your entire group of staff, provide them with their login access AND teach them in moments. No complex education or timely, complex setup processes. Eliminate your staffing frustrations using our service on the front-lines today!
Set and Achieve Operational Best Practice Goals Using the ONLY Reliable Force in the Economy Today... Ask Us How.
  • ​Wasting time trying to find employees to fill vacant shifts? We'll create your setup for you and you'll be filling vacant shifts in minutes.
  • Staff DO become irritated with poorly designed systems as we've seen with other vendors, and in addition become quite disturbed when being disrupted at inopportune moments. We actually prevent this from happening.
  • ​Want to track staff performance and efficiency? StaffingCall does that within our high-level features.
  • ​Concerned about integration into some other system? Integrating is truly unnecessary, complicated, and not required. You don't need this and new-tech is proving it.
  • ​Large crews or teams to reach out to with a complex variety of skill-sets? This is an easy feat to accomplish and we'll gladly show you how!
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We Provide Evidence-Based Approaches To Optimise Staffing Levels
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Staff Benefits
  • Benefit: access to shifts from anywhere
  • Benefit: no need to worry about missing a phone call or shift offer in general
  • Benefit: silent notification capability in noise-sensitive settings
  • Benefit: equality for all off-duty staff without supervisor intervention
  • Benefit: confirmations of shift bookings immediately with other important features
  • Benefit: employees have true privacy and respect
lifehacker staffing app for healthcare
Management Benefits Beyond Traditional Approaches
  • Benefit: Efficiently address staffing deficiencies at any level.
  • Benefit: Instantly broadcast to off-duty employees with the skill-set you need.
  • Benefit: Almost instant setup with easy-to- follow, simple teaching resources provided.
  • Benefit: Simple access for all staff ensuring your shift-broadcast is seen and accessible by all off-duty staff.
  • Benefit: Confirmations of shift bookings to your device the moment staff interact with the shift offer.
  • Benefit: Employees only receive notices when appropriate.
  • Benefit: Free up staffing and HR locations who have a million other things to do.
Satellite staffing locations face challenges understanding the front-line worker's needs. Let this tool instantly eliminate that problem for you.

The SIX Necessary Steps We Will Perform To Complete Your Installation:

  • ​We'll meet with a designated champion to obtain key setup details so we can define your system requirements.
  • For each specific area using StaffingCall, we'll install all staff into the system for you within one week.
  • ​We'll create access and login credentials for each staff member and provide that to them ensuring they can immediately log into service.
  • ​We'll provide all users clear and simple instruction on immediate use.
  • ​We'll maintain your user roster as staff are hired or leave and continue to add additional work areas as you see fit.

Once these steps are complete, your StaffingCall system will be fully operational to address your daily front-line challenges. For Good!

lifehacker healthcare staffing app
What We Believe In...
Make a difference. A ripple effect of positive changes wherever we operate.
We all need fun. LOVE the fun in life.

Support change for the well-being of all.
Make friends…the future of prosperity is in collaborating.
Focus on what matters, and deliver on promises.
Strive to learn and implement strategies everyday.
Celebrate positive achievements, wins, no matter the size.
Work. Live. Play. Vibrantly!
Temporary Staffing and Full-Time Employment Placements Available With Our Leading, Top-Talent Recruitment Partner:
Through diligent focus on sourcing best-in-class candidates, employers and job seekers can be confident that the best solution is presented and secured when working with Axe Staffing & Recruiting.
StaffingCall is proud to announce that we are now an active, participating partner in the University of Alberta's Faculty of Medicine and Dentristry Health Accelerator Program.
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